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That was a weird word to type... anyways. So, I laid down to take a nap, and Chester was next to my foot sleeping too. The phone rang a bit later, waking us, and when I was off, he was all over the bed wanting to be pet. Anyhow, so I was petting him for a while, then I got comfy to go back to sleep. The way I am lying is, on my stomach with my left leg totally straight, and my right leg bent almost all the way. (Weird, I know... but it is so comfy) So, I was lying like that, and Chester decided to go under the blanket that I am under. So, he crawled under the blanket and ended up laying between my legs, with the front of him draped over my left leg, and the rest of him under the blanket. So, we have been sleeping like that for a bit, and he is still there... I don't think he has any intention of moving. LOL.

Sorry, I had to share... he has never snuggled me like this before. Guess he has missed me while I have been over at the other house at night. Yay! ;)
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