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So, my plan is to go to bed now... maybe read a bit... then I will sleep until 5, get up and take my morning meds, go back to sleep until 10, where I will get up, take a shower & shave(cause it'll be a couple days til I can shower again, and who knows about shaving...) and then head to the surgery around 11:00 - 11:15. Gotta be there at noon... then the actual surgery is scheduled at 2 PM. The surgery should take approx 45 minutes, and then I have to be monitored for about an hour or so after because I am getting a general anethesia (being completly out). Then, I get to sit in traffic, trying to get home, while bitching to my mother the entire time... thank goodness she is the one driving me around. Anyways... love you all!

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