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Pain meds...

Has anyone taken Darvocet-N? That is what they gave me for the pain, since I said Percocet makes me nauseous sometimes, and Vicodin knocks me out. Haven't taken any of the Darvocet-N yet... just curious.

Whatever shot he gave me (and apparently it hurt... I don't remember, but my mom told me I was screeching... hee)... it is still working. Must be powerful as hell. I hope it lasts for much longer! *big grin*

Friday is my shoulder and headache stuff, and then the next Tuesday I get the results from those tests as well as a referral to a TMJ expert about my jaw. It started hurting after the accident, and I guess whiplash can cause it...

My friend told me that car accident settlements used to be 3x the medical bills... is this still true? Anyone know?

Also, I am supposed to tell everyone that there is this show, LiveLikeAStar, that is on tv at noon here... it says where it is on elsewhere if you have it. Anyways, I have never seen it, but I guess it is like a "make your dream come true" kind of show. Anyone who can, please watch it next Tuesday (Aug 3rd) because my friend is going to be on it. She is the one in the beach bash segment. I don't know what she did to be picked, but it is very cool. I told her I would tell people to watch... so I am. *grin*

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