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So this morning I went to get my ultrasound. It was warm in the room, and the ultrasound kind of emits some weird shit, and I got so nauseous, I had to lie down while he was doing it. He did my right shoulder first, so he would have something to compare it to I guess. Then, he did the left shoulder. He said that I did not tear my rotator cuff (yay!) but that I may have torn cartiledge up in my shoulder. I asked him how that gets fixed, and he said therapy. I told him I had gone to therapy 3x a week for like 5 weeks, and he said oh. Then he said it was up to my doctor (who I see on Tuesday), but that surgery was also an option to fix it. Woo... can I hold back my excitement? *roll eyes*

Then I got my MRI on my neck... it sucked, I had to take out all my piercings. My tongue one I stuck a little piece of stick from an applicator, since I am supposed to keep something in it always. That took about 20 minutes, but it was ok, because they squeezed me in, rather than making me return at 3:15 for my appt... very nice.

Then we went to go get my cast.  I went back there, and they took off the splint and stuff... the incision looks good I guess.  Then he put my ankle down on the table unsupported, and the pain made me nauseous, so I had to lie down.  I had to sit up again for them to put the cast on.  He had me put my foot on the little metal bar, and then he made me bend it to a certain degree.  It hurt SOOOO badly.  I was pretty much hyper-ventalating, crying, and getting ready to throw up.  I was burning up and I was so nauseous.  The chick that was there put a cold towel on my head, and waved a magazine at me to try to cool me down.  When he finally let me lie down, I started to feel better.  This cast is staying on until the 9th of August, then I go and they take off the cast and remove the stitches.  Then they put a new cast on for 4 weeks.  The cast is currently purple... and I may get the next one to be blue. :)

I am so tired... naptime.  Next Tuesday, it will be interesting to get his take on the films... I also need to get the referral to the TMJ doctor.  Meh.

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