Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

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I am so tired...

I am so tired of this bullshit...

Last night, Chris said he would call, and didn't. Fine, whatever...

Today, I called him when he was done with work, and he said he would call me back in a bit. 2 hours later, he calls and tells me not to call for a while b/c he was at a movie with his mom. Fine... who wants to bet it is the only fucking movie that I want to see? The one I have repeatedly told him I want to see?

AND when I asked him if we were going to do something tonight, his response was maybe. I feel like I am only his friend when it is convienent to him? I hate that... I am just sitting here crying.

So, I am going to go take a shower, then take a nap. Fuck him. Hopefully he calls me tonight... we have been talking about doing something all week. FUCK. I just realized we had agreed to see a movie tonight, so NOW... we can't even do that. Asshole. Whatever... I am going to go take a shower.
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