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I am not sure...

... about how this became the bitch about the boy site... but whatever, here goes nothing...

I swear... how many times do I have to be reminded that we are just friends? I am a smart girl, I am also aware of this fact. No kidding... we have been over this.

AND I want to lose weight. I know I say that all the time, but it is difficult to go work out. I have constant headaches, am tired all the time, and generally don't feel like dragging my sorry ass to the gym. Especially cause I have done that, religiously for a while, and lost nothing. I am getting to that "everything is hopeless" stage.

PLUS, I hate my job. I do... I dread waking up and going to work tomorrow morning. I do not want to do it. I need to find something new, and FAST.

So... anyhow, I am too tired to bitch more... but whatever...


On a personal note... January 27th is the one year anniversary of the murders of the people at the bowling center near mine, one loss, was my co-worker and friend. Rest in Peace Robert, we all miss you... and will always miss you...
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