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Ahhh, my place to bitch...

I am pissy, so I am writing.

Earlier this week, Chris and I decided to go do something tonight. Then, this morning, he called me on his way to work, and said that he was going out after work, but he would leave around 7 when I got off, and we would meet up. At 7, I called him, and he finally called back around 7:30. He said that they were all still out, but he would leave soon, and call me when he left. It is now 9:15, and I just got a hold of him. He is still there. How fucking long can you go out with these idiots from work? I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he said that they were paying the bill, and he would call me soon. Honestly, just when we were doing well, and not having any issues, he has to be a fucking prick. I sit around here, waiting for his ass to call, and don't do anything else. It would be different if we had not made plans. I am so tired of being treated like shit. Can't he be considerate of my feelings? And if I bring this up to him? All he will do is deny that he made any definate plans, or give me shit, because... lets face it, we aren't dating, so where is there a commitment for us to hang out. Asshole. He made my cry. I hate that shit. Why am I so emotional, and why do I let him effect me the way I do? AND, last night he went out with one of our friends and some people he bowls with. They, of course, gave him shit about the two of us, and how we should be a couple. He told them that we were just friends, and the proceeded to tell me how people always give him crap about the two of us. Great. It is OBVIOUS that we are only friends, but everyone else sees us as more. Shut the fuck up then. Live your own lives. Quit pushing a relationship that is obviously not going to happen on our shoulders. Me? Bitter? Nope.

Also, I told him I wanted to go on a cruise for his 30th birthday. I mean, how often do you turn 30? Its a big step in life. He, of course, said maybe, and he would let me know, and he has plenty of time to think about it, but he would tell me. Then, last night at work, a kid I work with, whose mother is the cruise agent, was talking about cruises. Chris was telling him that he wanted to go on a cruise, and that he needed to hook him up. I gave him a dirty look, and he was like I never said no to the idea. The the kid asked me if I was ever going to call his mother to look for a cruise package. I told him that I wanted to, but couldn't, because I wasn't sure if I was even going to go on one. I told Chris that he just needed to say yes, or no. If it was going to be THAT big of a deal, then screw it... we didn't need to go. I want to get a good deal, on the cruise, as well as the flight, and if he keeps this up, we won't get either. Arrrgh.

Anyhow, that is my ramble. Fuck, look the phone isn't ringing, and it has been 10 minutes. What a suprise.

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