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I went to the DR today, and yep... still a tear in the cartiledge. So, I got a cortizone-type shot... hopefully that will help the swelling go down, and then that will aid in the healing of the tear. I kinda saw the MRI, and had no clue what it meant. I see him again in a few weeks, we are gonna play this by ear, and if it doesn't get better, then I'll see a surgeon.

As for FF, I got a PM back saying that the PM system has been screwy, and they understand I did not get the message. They asked if I wanted the boards back... I said no, give them to someone else. I still have QAF, but I am debating getting rid of that one. I was there because I love the show, and hanging out with my friends was great... NOW, I am watching over a bunch of pissy idiots, and annoyed with it all. It's just hard to let go...
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