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Today's appointment...

So, I went to the doctor. He looked at my ankle, and wants to do an MRI to make sure nothing is structurally wrong. He doesn't seem to think there is but he would rather do that and make sure. So, I am getting an MRI next week (hopefully), then I have to schedule an appointment to see him again so that he can give me the results. So, we'll see... he gave me another prescription for Vicodin for the pain. I swear people give me that so often. Too bad it makes me even more tired than I already am. I am going to get it filled this weekend most likely, but I do not know if I will take it. It is always good to have just in case though.

Have to take a friend to the airport tonight. Oh well, he tried not to have to ask me. I will miss some of watching bowling, but I am just going to go straight there from the airport.

I just wanna sleep til then....
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