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Played Lemony Snicket again. Beat all ten levels (and three mini levels in each). Now, I am playing the slightly hard version. I definately need to crack open those books now!!!!

I still haven't gotten dressed. These pajamas and I are become really close friends. ;) I love it!!! To defend myself though, the clothes that I would be wearing are currently getting washed. So... I have an excuse, I swear!

Chester and I have been playing fetch this morning. I made him a new foil ball, and he almost never tires of it! He made me play for like 30 minutes straight. Then he decided to sleep. Thankfully.

I have tomorrow off. Have the MRI though, so yay for that. *rollseyes* It is a really good thing that I am not claustraphobic. This is my 4th one so far. At least this is the ankle, so I don't have to be all the way in it.

I think I may go nap... again. I hate whatever I have wrong with me... I have no motivation to do anything. Although, I am trying to be good and not walk around too much though. Attempting not to have it toooooooooo swollen before the MRI tomorrow afternoon.

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