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Here are ghost stories from the Stanley I posted somewhere else...

Ok, so the first story comes from the original bar. That bar itself is gone, but the mirror and the wood is there. There are many pictures that are taken of the mirror, that when developed, not only have the photographer in the picture, but a face staring back from the mirror as well. We saw one of the pictures... freaky.

There is a piano in the hotel that belonged to Mr. Stanley's wife. At times, it will just start playing in the middle of the night, and if you enter the room it is in, it will stop for the night. They took a picture when it was playing once, and it showed a woman (more of an white see through one), playing the piano, a man listening and standing next to the piano, and two orbs. All 4 show up in the picture.

The same piano was used quite a bit to entertain. One night there were 17 people in the room, drinking, and engrossed in their own conversations. A gentleman had been hired to play the piano and was wrapping up for the night. Towards the end of his last song, an elderly woman came in, helped by a younger man (her son). He went over to them, and told them that it was his last song of the night, but if she wanted to hear something, he would be happy to play it. Without missing a beat, she asked him to play "Danny Boy." The man said sure, even though he had no idea how to play it, and went back to the piano. As he was playing, he noticed that the entire room had stopped talking, and they were all staring at him. He knew it was not because of his beautiful rendition, since he was basically making it up as he went along. He looked over at the woman at the end of the song, and with a tear rolling down her face, she and her son got up, and left. He asked the nearesttable why they had all been staring at him, and they told him that they were not staring at him, they were staring at the man behind him while he played. The entertainer told them that he had played long enough to know when someone was behind him, but the entire room insisted that their had been, and in fact, the man had his hand on his shoulder as he played. The entertainer ran after the elderly woman and her son, determined to get an answer. He caught up with them just as the son had helped his mom into the car, and asked what happened. He said that "Danny Boy" was my father's favorite, and as you played, he stood behind you, with his hand on your shoulder. *** Freaky story, huh? Plus, 17 people all witnessed it at the same time.

Apparently Mr. Stanley and his wife are seen once a month standing at the top of the grand staircase, decending towards the main floor. They always disappear before getting to the bottom though. Mr. Stanley also appears in the executive building, looking over people's shoulders as they do the books and stuff.

In room 217, years ago they lost power, and the chaimbermaids went around lighting the gas lamps. Apparently there was a leak, because when Ms. Wilson went in there, the room exploded. Two walls were knocked down from the force, and Ms. Wilson went 20 ft through the floor into the dining room. She suffered burns, and broken bones, but she survived. When she could work again, she asked Mr. Stanley if she could be in charge of 217, and he let her. After she passed away, years later, she is said to still be in the room. She was seen by one couple in the middle of the night in the room, where she nodded to them, and left through the wall. Also, in the bathroom, the light switch is a little difficult to get to, but Ms. Wilson apparently helps out with turning the light on and off quite a bit. Another couple was staying there, and on their last morning, they went to breakfast and then came up to pack their stuff. When they got to their room, their suitcases were on the bed, completely packed, and open as if for inspection. Last, the housekeepers (and others) say that quite often when you reach the door, it will open, allowing you to enter, and then close behind you. The housekeepers apparently just say "Thanks, Ms. Wilson" and go on with their work. Jim Carrey stayed in that room when he was filming "Dumb and Dumber," and after the first night, he came down and told them that he either wanted a new room, or he was going to the Holiday Inn. He wouldn't tell them what he saw though...

Room 313 has been known to have its closet bleed twice. The first time was 30 or so years ago, and it apparently bled, non-stop for 8+ hours. They had to figure out how to hide the blood, since they were at full capacity for the night. They ended up stuffing the closet full of towels and padlocking the closet shut for the night. When they went back the next morning, it had stopped. All the towels were soaked, and they had to clean and paint the closet. 30 years later, it started bleeding again. This time for only a few hours beore it stopped. ***Unfortunately, they didn't get a sample tested.

Room 401 is basically the popular "honeymoon" suite. It has the bedroom and a private small dining area as well. One night a newly married couple was staying in the room, and had put their rings on their night stands before falling asleep. When they woke up in the middle of the night, they saw a guy standing in the corner staring at them. He walked towards them, went to the husband's side of the bed, took the wedding ring, while chuckling, and dropped it down the drain in the bathroom before disappearing. The woman was outraged, and the manager (a friend of hers from school) came up and asked that they take a walk, get a drink, and talk. The hurband wanted to just sleep. When they walked through the hall, she saw a picture of Lord Dunmayer (not sure if it is spelled right) and exclaimed that he was the man from their room. The manager called the husband down to see if he would say anything while seeing the picture. Sure enough, the husband was walking through the hall, saw the picture, and said that he was the guy in their room that night. Of course, Lord Dunmayer had been dead for years. (He was the guy who sold Stanley the land for the hotel and stuff).

Room 418 had two of its guest leave in the middle of the night for home. They were sleeping, and it felt like the room was spinning. They jumped off the bed and turned on the light in time to see the mattress spinning. It turned two more times before stopping. That was enough for those two, they left immediately.

One room on floor 4, I can't remember if it was 401 or 418, really was messing with the night watchman the hotel used to have. They don't have them anymore, but when they did, he was walking the halls, listening for disturbances, etc. He stopped at one room when he saw the lights on and heard the television blaring. He checked the guest list, and the room was vacant. He went in, turned off the television and the light, and left. As he closed the door, he saw the light turn on, and the television was blaring once again. He searched everywhere to see if someone was in there playing a joke. No one was there. He turned everything off again, and left. Again, everything was turned back on. This happened 2 more times before the door was closed behind him, he heard the dead bolt slide locked, and the television turned back on. Whatever was in there, wanted the television on. In the morning, he went back up there to see if it was still locked and everything before his shift ended. He approached the room, the door was unlocked and the lights and television were off. *** I would have unplugged the television to see what would happen... but that is just me.

The fourth floor has complaints nightly about children running up and down the halls and late hours, riding bikes, making all kinds of noise. Of course, when a door is opened to scold the children, no one is there. A woman who grew up on an indian reservation goes up there and "Shushes" them and they go away. These children used to show up, even when there were no children in the hotel.

The Presidential cottage is next door to the Stanley. One night a cop, his wife, and their friends (a couple) went up, and stayed in two of the available rooms in the cottage. At the end of the night, they bolted the door, and went to bed. All night, they heard the door open, footsteps and the door close. This happened a couple times. In the morning, they went down and the door was locked. They asked each other where each of them kept going all night. Neither couple left at all.

In the dorms for the staff, one woman was telling our tour guide about her experiences. She said that at night, she would lay out all of her stuff for the next day, lock the door and go to bed. When she would get up in the morning, the door would still be locked, but everything she had laid out for the day would be gone. She said it was all still in the building, but she had to walk all over the dorm, finding a shirt in the kitchen, a hair brush in the bathroom, etc. She said she had to allow 15 extra minutes every morning just to find her stuff. Also, her room was not near any outside lights, and was dark when the lights were shut off. She refused to open her eyes at night because she said there were always shadows walking against the wall when she would look. Finally, she said that all the housekeepers had to be allotted extra time for each room that they cleaned. She said that she would clean a room, make a perfect bed, close the windows, etc, and when she started to leave, she would take another look and a window she had just closed would be open, a light would have turned on, and almost always, there was a imprint on the bed where it looked like someone had laid down.

I know there are stories from the Manor house, and tons more from the Stanley Hotel too.

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