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So freaking mad.

I had to goto the hospital yesterday for a procedure. When I set up the procedure, the doctor's assistant told me that I had to cease all of my medications (3 very strong ones) as of Wednesday morning. So I took my meds Tuesday night, and that was that. I was miserable after that. I went through withdrawl from the meds, didn't sleep more than a couple hours both Wed & Thurs night. Was nauseous, couldn't eat, and was going mad. I went to the hospital, was sitting in the chair ready to get my IV, and the doctor came over and asked how I was. I told him I was miserable without my meds, and was feeling horrible. He told me that there is no reason why I shouldn't have been on the meds, and apologized profusely. He called his nurse to see if she told his assistant (who is NOT a nurse) to tell me not to take my meds. She, of course, denied telling her that. She (the nurse) also was left a message, by me, over a week ago to see if I should start a new med I was given by the doctor. I thought it was pointless to start a new med for a few days and then go off it and then back on. She NEVER called me back, and he asked her about that too. She lied to him and said she left me two messages. Right. Whatever... he said I was lucky I did not start that med and then get off it... he said there could have been major consequences if I had. I am furious about his assistant telling me the wrong thing, I am furious that I had to go through 60 hours of intense hell from a mistake. I am furious that his nurse NEVER called me, and then lied to him. He is a wonderful doctor, and I am not mad at him... he is the only doctor I have throughout all this work comp stuff that truly seems to know what he is doing, and cares about me. Now I have to figure out what all this means, if their is malpractice against his staff. I am still so upset about how poorly I was made to feel the last few days.


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