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SO ready to go home!

I am so bored right now. My boss was supposed to work with me today, but instead she was here for maybe an hour to get some crap done. Whatever... I have the longer 38 minutes of my life left. The phone hasn't rung in 45 minutes. *le sigh* At least tomorrow is Friday! Sunday Chris and I are going to the Avril Lavigne concert and I get to see my cousin. Fun times. We are taking two kids with us too. Chris, Me, and two ten year olds. Yipes. Anyhoo... tonight is bowling, for Chris anyhow, and then I can not wait to sleep! It is sad when that is a focal point of your day. Although, seeing The O.C. totally is too. Hee. I have been watching Lost, and Boone is HOT! Ian Somerhalder (I think that is how you spell it) is so yummy! I bought Rules of Attraction, even though I have been told it pretty much sucked, solely for the reason that Ian plays a bisexual who is crushing on a guy. *big grin* Pathetic, I know. Anyways, next week will be kind of busy, Monday is nothing, but then Tuesday morning I have a dr appt at 9, get my mouth braces at 11, and then I have my "procedure" on Wednesday. Hopefully the injection works, and I can walk without the crutch! I told my boss today about the surgery on my shoulder so she can schedule to be here around it. Although it is nice that we are closed on holidays and such. For instance, next week I work Thurs and Friday since she will be in Shanghai, but then the next week she is gone (to Beijing) only over Thanksgiving, so I have the week off, and promised to come in the Monday after Thanksgiving since we will have been closed for 4 days. I am not really expecting to be that busy, but she is, so I told her I would come in. She is going to Maui tomorrow! Lucky woman. Not only that, but she gets to go deadhead tonight (meaning she gets paid, but doesn't have to work) and then stays in Maui for 36 hours before working the flight home Sunday. I am so envious! Shit, there are people outside the door, staring in. How long does it take to read the... oh, he came in, the previous owner of the suite sent him over to look at the hardwood floor (that is the business that the old owner is in). Good, nothing for me to do. ;) Back to her trip... she took her stupid ass boyfriend, whatever the hell he is. Whatever, it is a confusing ass relationship, but as long as he is out of town too, I can be happy! My mommy forgot to make me lunch today. While this is an "Aww, poor baby, make it yourself" type moment, I didn'y have time this morning, and I couldn't got when my boss came in because she was in jeans and a sweatshirt. Oh well, I had an apple... I'll survive. Ooh! I also talked to her about after my shoulder surgery, I will not be able to use the left arm AT ALL, so I asked her if it was ok for me to wear my jeans that are a courderoy-type material to work, since they can just slide on. She said ok. Woo! This whole one arm thing will suck, especially since the "good" arm, is my BAD wrist. Anyone wanna come take care of me for a while? ;) Oh, finally... my grandparents decided they are moving back to Ohio. They do not want to be in the assisted living home anymore, they want to be where they have lived for a LONG time, and where their friends are. My mom thinks they are making a HUGE mistake, but she can not stop them. It is sad though, hopefully *knock on wood* they will be well enough to visit sometime, but if not, right now is pretty much the last time we will see them. :( And these are the grandparents that are not evil, and that I acknowledge. Sigh. Anyways, I now only have 22 minutes left. Thank you for reading my rambling... if anyone got this far. ;)

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