Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
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I just totally passed out asleep for hours. Hmmm. Chris called and asked if I wanted to go eat, but I had eaten, and I just wanted to lay there for a bit. So, I fell asleep. But apparently he just ate at home and took a nap too. He left early from work today. He wasn't feeling well... I am hoping it wasn't the drinks from last night. We went to a bar after bowling, and each drink literally had 3/4 alcohol, and 1/4 soda. They were wicked. I stopped early, and was totally fine... but lightweight had his two drinks and giggled while I drove him home. I dunno... if today was all alcohol related, then he is going to be pissed... he went to work half day before they made him go home since he looked like shit.

Anyways, Chester is apparently starving for no reason, and I can not stop yawning... thank goodness it is the weekend...
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