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Ok then...

So, my back, where they did the injection, hurts sooooooo much. I am sitting at work, because my boss had to goto Shanghai, and my back is killing me. *sigh* At least this pain will go away. I also do not think I was supposed to drive this morning. I am pretty sure the thingy I got yesterday from them said not to drive or make important decisions for 24 hrs. Oh well. I wasn't dizzy or anything this morning... so it's ok. First day working with my mouth brace. It is an interesting thing, lemmie tell ya. I keep playing with it, which I shouldn't, but whatever. I swear, I am going to end up laying on my desk, since it is flat for my back, sleeping today. I'm sure the customers would love that... if we even have any. At least tomorrow I have someone working with me, then, I may have another procedure next week, but I am housesitting Mon-Wed, and then have Thurs & Fri off for the holiday... yay!! I am wearing jeans today, b/c my nice pants are all too tight on the injection area. They'll live, hardly anyone actually comes in here, as opposed to calling on the phone anyways.

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