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I need to vent... so sorry ahead of time, I don't have anywhere else to do it... and since I am basically alone, this is where I vent.

Chris called and asked if I wanted to go get something to eat. I said I thought I was catching something and I wasn't allowed to get sick before the injection, so I told him to just come over and we would hang out here. He said he would call me later. I called him back a bit later, and told him that I would go eat as long as we just came here afterwards and hung out, so I could basically rest and get better. He told me he was already going to go out with his mother. Not only are they going out, but he is going with her to a movie I have told him a gazillion times I want to go to. What a dick. Then he starts bitching about how I am in pain all the time and feel sick all the time. I asked him if I planned the accident and I love feeling like shit. He said he doesn't think I am doing enough to get better, since I still feel like shit. What an asshole... like it is my fault I don't feel well... I practically live at dr offices, what the fuck else am I supposed to do? So I got upset with him that he would say something like that (I cried, because he hurt my feelings, and of course that pissed him off too), upset that he is going to a movie I totally want to see (see icon), and that he no longer wants to go get food. He changes his mind all the time, like I knew that 30 minutes later he would be having plans with his mommy. Sheesh... I like his mom and all, but he is 31 and he has never lived by himself. He needs to grow the fuck up. I need to focus on my well being, not how it is making him feel. No shit it isn't fun being around someone who is feeling like shit all the time... try being that person. I told him he doesn't understand, he isn't going through everything that I am. Whatever, I am alone. What a shocker. I just need to curl up into my little hole that is my world... me and my cats, and no one else. At least then no one will make me feel bad.

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