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So hi... tonight was random.

I had to call Chris b/c I was going to drive over a traction pillow, and the movie John Q. When we finally talked, we ended up on the phone for about 45 minutes. After that, he told me to come over, and we would go get dinner 'cause he was hungry.

I went over, and we went to Ace Hardware so he could be manly and ooh and ahh over the drills. Then we bought stuff and went out to Black Angus. There, we ate and had a yummy margarita each. I spaced and left my left overs there though... oh well. We then went out to Home Depot to get a piece of plywood that 'caused me to have to let him drive with the back liftgate open on the jeep and pray nothing fell out.

At his house, I had a shot of Wild Turkey (totally his idea) and then we watched the movie... I like it, makes me mad to watch, but I like it. Now, it is almost 2 AM and I work at 8 AM. Me thinks I should goto bed!

Thanks Lauren for the pic help, I will look at it when I have more time ;)


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