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You know, I love me some Cingular. Please please please let me know your cell number if I don't and you like getting text messages. They are fun! I got a bluetooth wireless headset last night, so I can talk about 20-25 ft away from the phone with perfect reception. In a month, they are going to integrate this fast forward thing in our area (since we are a new market) where for $2.99 a month, you can put your phone into a cradle, and it will forward your calls to a land line, and best of all, it doesn't use any of your minutes. Woo! That will make life SOOO much easier.

Chris is making life difficult for himself. He can't seem to find a phone that he likes. They don't have ALL the phones in the stores yet, since they just merged, but they do have a fair amount. Hee, I totally want the game one, but I will refrain. ;) He wants to try a phone off the internet, but since it isn't in the store yet, he can't. He has 30 days to try out the phone, so I told him worse case scenario, try the phone out for almost 30, switch, then get another 30 trial period. He just likes to bitch I think.

If anyone is thinking of switching over to AT&T/Cingular, lemmie know. If I sign you up, once you have a new number and stuff, on the internet, we BOTH get a $25 debit card thing, available to use anywhere. SO badass. :)

I sound like a lousy commercial, don't I?

It has been so cold here lately. I love it, I really do. I don't like miserable cold, but tolerable cold is the best. I love snuggling into a comfy blanket, or a nice fleece, when it is cold outside. The snow has been lovely too, when I don't have to drive in it, that is.

Anyways, enough rambling. I am going to go back to sleep. :)

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