Jean-Claude's White Rose (firefly319) wrote,
Jean-Claude's White Rose

Wow, and update...

So... it has been a long time since I have updated this. I mean a real update. Anyhow, I dont really have all that much to update with this time either. I have spent time catching up on all my friend's journals. Well, the most recent page for each of them... kind of nice, reading things that I should have for a while.

Anyhow, life is still annoying with this stupid injury. As of this last Tuesday, the 6th, it has been 10 months since the injury. The doctors still have no idea what to do to help me, and it is making me lose my mind. Shouldn't 7 doctors be able to help me out, and figure things out? Why else do they go through all that schooling? I can not goto medical school at all and say "Well, I just don't know" all day. *rolling eyes* Whatever, incompetence seems to be running rampant lately. Not only this, but I am starting to gather more information about settling (eventually), and now, I have new crap. When I hurt myself, the surgeon said I had a mild case of arthritis in my wrist, and it was flared by the injury, and the only way to fix it was the sugery that I had. Well, a month ago (approx) I went to the doctor and had blood test done. The test results came back, and I dont have arthritis. So, now I have to figure out if there is a possibility for malpractice. Grrr.

The constant pain, the frustration of not being able to do anything, etc. has been making me HORRIBLY depressed. Like, dont want to get out of bed, or do anything with anyone, kind of depressed. I finally was put on anti-depressants (which at this point are NOT working... they need to up the doseage or change the meds), and have had a consultation with a psychologist. I have my first "real" appointment next Tuesday... I hope they work!

My sinuses have been hell lately. I have been having pretty horrible headaches, and I HATE them.

The holidays were ok. I hate being single around the holidays, but I am pretty good at it by now, so whatever.

I tried this diet for 8-9 weeks, and did ok on it. I lost 15 lbs, but then I began to think about the diet. It was HORRIBLY restrictive (i.e. no sugar, salt, dairy, bread, etc.). I was miserable. I had to quit it... I want to lose weight, but I have to choose something that doesn't make me miserable....

Chris... what to say about him. Sometimes we still fight like old married people, but he is so great. He has put up with me through my worst mood swings, when even I wanted to get away from myself. He has put up with a LOT of crap over the past 10 months from me, but he is still there... talking/hanging out with me daily. I owe him.... bigtime. *NOTE: YES, WE ARE STILL JUST FRIENDS*

I think when I am able to work again, I want to work for a travel agency. I love travel, always have. This company that I might work for deals with cruises. Yay! I definately think that would be great, especially since I have never been on one, and SOOOOOO want to.

And even though I should NOT be spending any money, I have spent WAY too much over the holidays. Clothes, shoes, DVDs, CDs, PDA, purses... it has NOT been good. I don't have all this extra money, any really. I am now in save mode. Already am limited b/c of work comp pay... I am going to try not to spend... much. ;)

Anyhow, enough babbling... just wanted to get caught up. :)

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