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I was laying on this wedge thingy, b/c I was supposed to be elevated, but it was KILLING my back, ang gave me a headache. So, I threw it on the floor out of frustration. :) Now, I am laying flat on my back, and I don't care. I'll have my mother get me some pillows or something. So, the cartiledge wasn't torn... a ligament was detached or something, and it needed 3 stitches. Wasn't at all what he was expecting. Idiots tho... they put the brace on me, and I can't put a shirt over it, so I had gown tied around my neck. Riiiight, like I could do that for 5 days. So, even tho I shouldn't have, we took off the brace, put a shirt on, and then put the brace back on. Didn't screw w/the dressing, which is the major thing tho. My arm felt so... dead. It was like dead weight I had to hold it w/ my right arm. Anyhoo... my head hurts, so I am gonna check email and lie back down. Christmas cards are going out tomorrow to those whose addresses I have. Chris is coming over after bowling tonight... he is gonna shit when he sees this brace. Hee.

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