July 27th, 2002

SPN - Winchesters.

Random nothingness...

Last night was SO amusing. At work, my other manager was in the back office fixing the fog machine. Needless to say he got it working when I looked up and the room looked like it was on fire. I actually had 3 customers ask me if it was on fire. Hehehe... I swear though, I think we all got high on the fog fumes... we were a giggly bunch. Then, I worked this morning. How I loathe turn arounds. Anyhow, it was ok... slow day, hung out with Chris... now, off to dinner... maybe a movie. Tomorrow, that will be scary. I have 8 movies to watch. Eek. I will most likely get through 2-3 tomorrow before saying "No More!" Yay to movies though... I am an addict.

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    "That 'Ol Wind" by Garth Brooks