January 5th, 2003

SPN - Winchesters.

So yeah...

I over react a bit. One little thing makes me so mad and pissy that I can not help but cry and freak out.

Chris called me back last night... his mother and he went to some movie I have never even heard of... we ended up going to dinner, seeing Two Weeks Notice, and then hanging out at my house until almost 3AM.

I guess I just always keep my word... when I say I'll call, I call. When I say I will hang out with someone, I do... it just gets to me when others don't.

He came over earlier and we moved my treadmill to his house. I SMASHED my hand, so I am gonna go ice it. Then I am going to eat dinner, and he is coming over later to watch About A Boy.

So... yeah... *loves Jamie* that just makes life easier ;)
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