January 15th, 2003

SPN - Winchesters.


First of all, I hate my job... still, again, whatever. Today pushed me over the egde... but whatever, that isn't my pondering...

So after work, I called Chris (who had called on his lunch break, but due to the stupid meeting I was in, I couldn't talk to him) to bitch. We were talking, and he said that he had talked to his friend's (a guy I know from the bowling center chain) wife about us going over there this weekend, and his friend hadn't even told her. Then he mentioned that when he had spoken with his friend, he had asked if he had a girlfriend, and his response was apparently "not technically." Whatever the hell that means. So I guess he may go skiing with his friend, his wife, and her cousin. Joy.

Then, after dinner, we came back here to relax, and the cat was laying next to me. I said "awww, at least he loves me." Chris told me that my mother loved me, my brother loved me, etc. My response was that they have to. Then he started named bowlers saying that they love me. I said "Oh, what do you do? Tolerate me?" He said "Well no. I don't love you like that, but I love you as a friend." Nice. Honestly, I know we will never get together, but at least he loves me as a friend. He told me that months ago, but I didn't know if he meant it. So... even through all the shit, and problems we have had... at least I know he cares.

What am I pondering? Nothing really... other than, working out (which we went and did today) and making men drool ;)
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