January 11th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

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Well, first of all, I have never used an LJ Cut... so we'll see if I can figure it out (with the help of the FAQ of course) ;)

Last night was fun. The hockey game we ended up going to, was actually a college team, and the guy we got the tickets from (a guy that Chris bowls with on the Thurs league) was helping his kid raise money for their hocket team. The game was cool... great seats... but they lost... big time. Chris got me two Captain and cokes at the game, then we went out to this restraunt to drink and eat. We got there, and it was happy hour... $2.50 a drink. Heck yeah! I got 3 Malibu and cokes there... mmmmmm, Malibu. Anyways. We had dinner, and just sat around and hung out until almost 1. It was fun, I like the group we went out with, and ended up seeing a friend of ours there. Overall, a good evening. So... here we go with the cut... let's all hope I can do it. :)

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What the hell... I am going to post a list of my movies... and bold the ones that I have seen (It is sad how many that I own that I haven't seen).

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Whew... That was a lot!  Well... this is officially the longest post EVER... and I am going to go lie down.  :)

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