January 18th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

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Wow... that show was fantastic. Chris thought it was only ok, because he didn't really know everything that was going on, and some parts were kind of hard to hear. Whatever, I loved it. Oh, and guess who played the role that Matthew Brodrick plays on Broadway? The guy who played Cameron opposite him in Ferris Bueller. It rocked! I loved that guy.

Oh, and Lauren... you rock. I got a couple of the CD recs you gave me, and they are just awesome. If you ever have the urge to give any more recs, I am available. ;)

Ugh... so we cleaned the closet out yesterday. Well, my mother pulled all of her shit out, and then I arranged my coats and stuff out there, and then shifted my closet in the bedroom around. We still have stuff to do in the main closet, and then I have to clean the stupid bathroom. Yuck... I don't wanna.

This stupid book is haunting me. I can not focus enough to read it. On top of that, I did a few of those negative/positive things... they are bullshit. I can not come up with much, and what I do is bullshit. Can't I have one of those therapists from the movies where you just lie on the couch, tell her your troubles, and then go home? ;) Oh, and those goals? Bullshit! I make them, but they are hard to keep. Plus, the stupid ass getting up at 9:30? Whatever. I have gotten up then, and tried to stay awake, but once I take my meds... I am asleep again. The biggest bullshit? She works DOWNTOWN. Like I love going all the way down there every week, *rolleyes*

Wow... I was so not going to bitch, but then it just all came out... thanks for listening. :)
SPN - Winchesters.

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Ugh... all these fucking papers I have to fill out suck!!!

I also have decided that I want an iPOD... yikes... that and no money. *sigh*

Back to filling out paperwork...
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SPN - Winchesters.

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Today I am going to go to WalMart with my mother to get some material for my closet. Then we are going to (hopefully) go to this place called "The Snob Shop." Funny name no? Anyways, it is a place that is basically a consignment shop for high label clothing (i.e. Prada, Gucci, etc.) I think it would be fun to check out at least!!

Man, I came here all kinds of ready to bitch about Chris not calling me on his break, I even wrote that he didn't... then he called. Hmph. Pain. ;)

I have to decide whether I want to buy an iPOD from this guy on the internet. He says that he has some, and just to call... they are $250 less than in stores, and he says they are factory sealed with warranty. Hmmm... gotta ponder (and hope this check for mileage reimbursement comes in... that will totally pay for it).