January 30th, 2004

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Ok, so doctor's appt in the morning. I hope that he has some idea of what to do next. He had better not just say "we don't know, so we're releasing you from care." I will seriously kick his ass amid tons of tears. He had also better change my meds... I refuse to keep taking something that isn't working, and that is making me gain weight. Whatever.

Also, tomorrow evening I have to decide whether or not to bid on that iPOD that dickwipe is auctioning. If I don't, I basically am just screwed out of the money, if I do... I hope I can't get in trouble with Yahoo. I do have proof of sending the guy money, and I sure as hell didn't get anything in return. *sigh*

AND THEN... I am was having a poor electronics day. My palm pilot broke. Thankfully, it is under a full warranty, so they are sending a box to me and then I am sending it to them. They said they would either fix it, or give me a new one.

ALSO... I am sending in my claim form for my picture that was broken in the move here in 2001. They kept saying that they were going to fix it and send it to me, and then a couple weeks ago I found out that not only did they never fix it, they don't know where the hell it is... So they told me to fill out a claim form. Well, of course the claim form online didn't work, so I had to call and get a claim form sent to me. It arrived today, and you can bet your ass that I am sending it back tomorrow.

Damn, enough crap happening to me all at once???
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