April 25th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

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Thanks to everyone for putting up with my constant bitching. I have another denist appt on Wednesday, and thankfully I have some vicodin I can use once what the dentist gave me runs out... I had better be either out of pain, or he had better fix me... or I may have to strangle him. ;)

I am looking to buy (someday when I have some extra money) a bigger hard drive for my computer... right now I have a 40 gb hard drive, but my iPod music already takes up 11 of that, and can take up to 40, so I figure if I get an 80 gb minimum, I will be happy... now I just gotta find it cheap. ;)

My mommy left today for almost 3 weeks. :( Thankfully my friend Danielle from Seattle will be here for 10 of those days, so time should move more quickly. It will suck without her here... especially since I am not feeling well... no matter how old, it is nice to have mommy take care of you.

Sheesh... the cats are apparently bored, so they are trying to kill each other. They are loud, at least they could be nice and do it quietly. :)
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