May 19th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

Cat story...

So I came home after lunch, and when I went into my room, I saw the nose and eyes of Chester peeking out from underneath a curled blanket... it seems he snuggled up under there while I was out at PT & lunch. So, I laid down, and moved the blanket off him, and put my sweatshirt/jacket thing over him instead. He was under there, and all you could see was part of his face and his tail. Cleo came in the room at that moment, and jumped on the bed, and headed to lay on the sweatshirt, which she loves to do. She took one stride towards it, and jumped with fright when she realized that the sweatshirt was "alive." I was rolling... she jumped just like a human... hehe. Of course, then she proceeded to walk on top of the sweatshirt/Chester for a moment before saying hi to me. My cats are odd.
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