August 29th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

Last night...

The wedding was gorgeous. Everything about it was amazing. Finally got home at 2 this morning, and crashed (which seems like something for me to do shortly again). Chris and I had a pretty good time... only had a little spat, which was good, and he actually got to sit with me for the ceremony as well as dinner. :)
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SPN - Winchesters.


Went and visited my grandparents today. Fun fun... :)

Watching Freaks and Geeks... yay!
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SPN - Winchesters.


I was kinda tired, so I took a nap (around 8) and just woke up around 10:30. Called Chris 'cause I hadn't heard from him yet, and now I guess I will get ready to go to bed for real. Guess it is a good thing that I am still tired! ;) I wish I didn't get so damned run down for no reason, but whatever...

This week is gonna be busy. I go into work tomorrow, and work until about 12:30. Then I have a dr appt (shocking, no?) at 2:40 with a sports medicine doctor. I dunno why, but she needs to check out my car injuried according to my "main" doc for the car stuff.

Then, Tuesday I have 3 dr appts... TMJ, OT, and my work comp dr. I need to talk to that work comp dr... get off of that med the rest of the way (which is the plan), but then I need to figure out about the depression med. I guess I am on the common doseage, but I still feel myself getting back into the crap from before I started them... sure, I feel better, but not enough. It has been a month since I started them, so we'll see...

Then, I work Wed, Thurs, & Fri since she is going out of town. She leaves for her cruise on Sat or Sunday for a week, which means I work 5 days next week. I am gonna be DRAINED. I am asking for the next week off. :)

Anyways... off to check email and then go to bed... again.
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