September 13th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

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Ok, so I do not have my laptop tonight :( Getting the new hard drive installed in it. Woo!

Remember the hell I went though trying to get an Ipod, and that guy in NY stole my money? I got a call from the NY Probation Restitution today, and I am gonna get my money back! Shocking! :)

Went and spoke with a real estate agent today, gonna have him help me look at houses. I wish Chris would decide whether or not he wants to get a house or not... then I would know if I could use his income. Bleh.

Worked for 2 hrs this morning, then had that meeting. Now, a brief stop at home to check email on the desktop, and eat lunch, then I get to go (hopefully) get my cast off! Squee!

Broncos won last night! Yay Broncos!!!
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