October 31st, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.


Nothing like getting up in the morning, walking (ok, limping) out of the room, and seeing your cat playing with a dead mouse. Ick.

The party was good... I got pics, and as soon as my dad gives them to me, I will post them. Had lots of jello shots, and lots of the WAY too strong punch. My ankle was acting up, so I sat a lot, but I did talk to multiple people as well. Sang a little karoke, oh the horror, and just had fun. At 2 in the morning, I told Chris I wanted to go, and he said something about how it was really only one. Bastard. Anyways, I said I wanted to go, and we did leave (but not before I got to playing with the 3 dogs and 1 cat they have... hehe). He just called and woke me up, but its a good thing, since Chester was on mouse patrol.

Also, I just took another Vicodin. *big grin*

Happy Halloween!
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SPN - Winchesters.


I have resorted to using a crutch to help me walk. It was that, or crawl. I am going to call the dr tomorrow and beg for an appointment earlier.
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