November 24th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

Ok then...

Still exhausted from the meds, but whatever...

Today was ok... actually only waited 20 minutes to go back into the room for the IV, and then laid there until it was time to go. Went into the procedure about 20 minutes after I was scheduled. Not too bad. Had the same damn thing I did last week. Very exciting. I am SOOOOOOO bruised where they did the IV, they had to use my elbow vein, and that is the WORST. I feel ok, it takes a few days to really kick in. Dunno if I have to get any more of these done.

Got $150 for watching the kid/house/dog... very nice of them.

Hee. They told me I am not supposed to make any major decisions today because of the meds... so, what do I do? Go buy a new cell phone with a new provider. :) I now have Cingular (same number), and... I HAVE TEXT MESSAGING AS OF TOMORROW AFTERNOON!!!! It is a camera phone with video on it too. I have already taken pictures of my brother, parents, and all 4 animals. Chris is my next target. :) Anyone have Cingular or AT&T? Then we talk for FREE! :)

Anyways, Chris wants to come over... I want to sleep. Me thinks he will be bored.
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