November 29th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.


Ahem. All things considered, I guess the drive was ok. Only kind of lost traction once, and that was like for... half a second maybe? But, I was driving terribly slowly, and thankfully, so were many of the other drivers. There were some idiots out there though. My boss isn't here, I have no idea if she even got into town yesterday. She may be stuck in San Francisco. I hope not... It took me almost 40 minutes to do my typical 15 minute drive to work. Fun for me. I will have to take some pics maybe later... it is still snowing, and is supposed to all day. I am coughing like mad... hopefully I don't get into a coughing fit while on the phone with someone. Hee. When I drove to work this morning, it was 14 degrees outside. Brrrr. I got into the office, and it was 56! Gotta run!!