December 2nd, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.


I went to go see the dr today that does the injections, and he wants to do another before my shoulder surgery on the 16th. Well, he is out of town next week, so guess when I get to go in? the 15th. Two days in surgical centers... one for an injection, and one for an actual surgery. Oh, the joy.

He also gave me a script for meds that I was supposed to get filled... until I went there and they told me it would be $257 and change to fill it. Right, let me whip that out of my back pocket. So, I put in a WTF call to the dr, hopefully someone will call back.

Tonight is bowling. Fun fun... I think. At least I usually get to drink there. :)

Also, my boss called, apparently she was still in a pool for trades, so instead of not working at all, I work tomorrow and Monday. Ah well, I can use the cash. :)
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