December 10th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

Fun fun...

Last night we went to a friend's house, and I had Crown and Ginger Ale... yummy. I was kind of buzzing. Woo!

I ok today though. Just want today to be OVER! Then I get 18 days off. Of course, I have to have surgery in there, but whatever... details. ;)

I have my phone set up on AIM, so I am always on. :)

I am so sad. I saw a picture of the brace I am going to have to wear for 6 weeks... it's called the gunslinger brace, and it literally wraps over most of your upper body, and your hand sticks out. Look it up on google... be sad with me.

I have to get fitted for said brace on Monday... so sad. *sigh*

I got a card from Bunny! Bunny rocks!!!!! *hugs*

I haven't bought cards yet, and I have some ppls gifts but not everyone's... so, if I don't have yours, it'll come after the holidays... sorry. I'm going to send out all the stuff I have on Monday, or Tuesday, of next week, and then I'm gonna have to hold off for a bit. I'll get things eventually though. *loves*

Anyways, off to listen to Christmas music and do nothing at work. Wheeee!
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