December 12th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.


Ok, so last night I went and picked my friend up from work. We came back over to my house for dinner. Chris came over here too actually... anyways, after dinner, she and I went back up to her place and hung out with some friends, and Chris stayed here and hung out with my parents until 11. Hee. Anyhoo... so, we drank, and hung out, until about 3 this morning, then finally they left and she and I crashed. It was funny, her kittens usually sleep in her room, but last night they slept with me out on the futon all night. Lol. So, I got 5 hours of sleep (maybe) but I took a med that makes me sleep, so I needed more. I took her to work this morning at 9, and then Chris called, and told me to stay at the mall, because he was coming up. So I waited for him, and we ended up walking the mall for a couple hours (my ankle hates me right now) and then went to this German market that is set up outside the mall for the holidays. It was fun, good food and stuff. So, finally, I got back home at 2, talked with Bunny for a while (which was pefert, because my morning meds that I took late had time to kick in) and then passed out for another couple hours. I am still tired!! Chris said he wanted to come over, but thankfully he let me sleep. He'll probably call me in a few minutes when the Bronco game is over though. *yawn*
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