December 14th, 2004

SPN - Winchesters.

Last full day...

of freedom.

So, today I am going to get all of my bills and stuff into the mail. I am mailing a package to Bunny and Jamie as well. I need to finish cleaning my closet and my bathroom, and rearrange my DVDs onto my new DVD shelves. Speaking of DVDs, gotta run to Wal-Mart and buy one... can't remember what right now. Need to drop off my Christmas gift to my boss. Whew. Of course, that is later... for now, I am going back to sleep. ;) I am going to start doing stuff around noon. Cleaning will wait until tonight.

Tomorrow I don't have to be at the place for the procedure until 3:30, but I doubt I will do much other than sleep tomorrow morning. :)
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SPN - Winchesters.


Chris is bowling tonight, he is subbing for someone, and I was supposed to go. However, when I go, the smoke makes my throat hurt, and I have the procedure tomorrow, so I decided not to go. Oh well.

It's weird. This new med makes it so I can sleep ALL the time. Not a desperate, can not keep my head up, sleep... but a comfy, everytime I lay down sleep.

I sent my bills out today. I mailed Bunny's and Jamie's packages. Tomorrow I have to get to the bank sometime before the procedure, 'cause my check did not come today. *sigh*
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