January 11th, 2005

SPN - Winchesters.


Anyhoo... Sleep is goooooood. I got home from worm work and literally passed out. Hard. It was fun. The only reason I woke up 2 hrs later was Chris called. Bastard. ;) 2 hrs left, and then 2 days off. Woohoo! I love work, but I sit wrong with my desk and my brace, and that hurts. Plus, hacking into the phone at ppl isn't nearly as fun as it sounds. Well, maybe... I need to run to King Stoopids, but I think I may do that tomorrow, because I lack motivation. Rah! Bunny rocks. Just cause. Writing my boss notes so she isn't completely lost tomorrow when she returns. I wanna fall asleep now. At my desk. Sitting up. *yawn* Hee.
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