March 17th, 2005

SPN - Winchesters.


So tomorrow (well, today technically) I get my iSkin, so I will have to take a picture (if I can get the new digital camera thing to work), and show off the new iPod, which HAS been named. Also, I have my dizziness test, which apparently they make you dizzy and sick feeling. Oh joy. Can't wait.

Made the reservations today for Tavern on the Green. Hope it is as good as the hype. Hope I feel ok by then.

Glad I could help you out Jamie with that iTunes thingy... I love taking credit for other people's ideas ;) Hee. If you guys end up going somewhere, lemmie know, I will give you a link to those cheap ass airlines we are taking... that way you can save a bundle.

Chester is so clingy lately. Not that I mind, but he is laying ON me more and more. It amuses everyone else a hell of a lot more that it amuses me.

My father was shocked today when I told him that no, I would not be living here for very long when Eric moves out to college. I will be getting my settlement, paying them what I owe them, and getting the hell out of here. I love my parents and all, but INDEPENDENCE, HERE I COME!!!!!!! Then, he was shocked what i said that Chris and I would most like, as friends, get a place together. What? We spend almost every freaking day of our lives together... big shocker that we would probably just get a place together for now.
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SPN - Winchesters.

My iPod...

Behind the cut is... Collapse ) he looks awfully pretty in his iSkin. It's called Rebel. I <3 him!!!!!!! It makes him a badass, in his own right. They had green, and pink... but he begged for blue, and what he wants he gets. It came with a blue screen too, but then you couldn't see his color screen, which was kinda pointless... so I gave it to my brother, and opted for the clear screen protector. WOOOOO! Whatcha think??? :)
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