June 1st, 2005

SPN - Winchesters.


So, it took 3 freaking tries to get my IV in. I am going to be sooooooo bruised. I wanted to cry. I hate the damn things. I was like, well... if I wasn't here every other week, my veins wouldn't hate you. So, I had the injection, and now I am so tired. I am going to try to crash. Woo.

Tomorrow morning I get to pick up all the seasons of Ally McBeal and the first three seasons of Seinfeld from my boss. Woo! I love her. I'll hate her when she is on the Alaskan cruise I wanna be on, but still.

I have business cards! I feel ridiculously special now.

Have I mentioned the intense pain in all three IV points as well as the injection point in my back? *pouts* I need a hug.
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