August 6th, 2005

SPN - Winchesters.


So, this medication I am taking totally has the side effect of itching. There is a good chance I may go NUTS since I can not itch near the incisions. Meep. I guess the upside is that the itching is taking away from the pain in my back a bit. There is a good chance I may GNAW my arm off though.

So, I REALLLLLLLY want to go on a cruise. Well, duh... but anyways. I want to do:

1) Alaska
2) W. Caribbean
3) S. Caribbean
4) E. Caribbean
5) Panama Canal
6) Antarctica
7) Hawaii
8) Mexico
9) Europe (ANY!)
10) Australia

I am sure there are more. So, I have decided that once I get my settlement and stuff, I am going to pick a trip and go. Sadly, Chris doesn't want to do some of these trips... so I have no idea who to go with :( Maybe Jamie can be persuaded since she lives in FL to go on a Caribbean one that is cheap. ;) Anyways, no matter WHAT, I am doing that 22+ day cruise next year from Amsterdam to Bucharest. Then I am going to Venice for a few days. I dont care if I have no one to go with, and I dont care if I have to pay out the ass, I WILL do this... a victory (knock on wood) against all my surgeries being over, and the settlements as well.

I was so sleeping when Chris called me a bit ago on his way home from his cousin's house. Ah well, I am sure with the meds I am on, I will pass out again shortly.

My Flist is QUIET! Talk people! Share! Hee.
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SPN - Winchesters.

So fucking bored...

I am sore... and bored. Chris came over and pissed me off. Asshat. Whatever, its all good. All I want to do is sleep... I cant wait to get these leads out. I like the feeling that it makes my ankle feel like... but, I am tired of having the leads hanging out of me, and I can not WAIT to take a shower. Eh.
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