September 30th, 2005

SPN - Winchesters.

So... this is an interesting one

After my episode last night, I went to the physician's assistant today, and they decided I was most likely allergic to keflex, an antibiotic I have been on before. So, they put me on an anti itch medication (like Claritin), a new antibiotic, and basically doubled my pain meds again. So, I used to take 5 hydrocodone/500 tylenol a day, and now, I am taking 80 hydrocodone/2600 tylenol. That better kill the pain. I can't believe how intense it is. Hopefully everything they think is correct. I go back on Tuesday to get the stitches out, so yay to that. My ankle doesn't hurt either... so success to that too. I did, however, figure out one thing. I don't want to go back to my job.... I hate the fact that I am friends with my boss... *sigh* Plus there is nothing else for me to do. I REALLLLLLY want to do reservations for airlines. You know, answer the phones and book, but I don't see those jobs listed on the regular websites.
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