October 15th, 2005

SPN - Winchesters.

QAF thingy...

Sheesh. I paid like $40 for it, apparently there are people out there buying it for over $250 a copy. Meep. It'll be ready to upload tomorrow.
SPN - Winchesters.

Okie... the QAF thing...

It will be uploaded tomorrow. It is a .mp4 file (an iPod compatible file), which can be played in QuickTime at least. That was the best quality I could get it to. It is like 860 MB. Sorry. I'll see if I can .zip it? I dunno. Anyways, since it wasn't supposed to be seen by viewers (or that is what I was told) there are some 5-10 second black pauses, and that is just from my jumping around to see if the copy worked. Hell, the beginning takes like 20 seconds or so to even start. Um... It's a little over 2 hours. There are bloopers, deleted scenes (with puppets?), and a wrap reel. I don't know what else, because like I said, I haven't watched it. Some of the bloopers were some I had seen, some aren't... which is nice. There is crew stuff, because this is for the cast and crew. I don't know what else to tell you since I watched like 5 minutes to make sure it worked. Oh, 2 minutes or so into the beginning, the sound got much louder.... it starts out quiet, then gets loud enough to sit away from the speakers. I was wondering if you were going to have to watch this with headphones. Hee. Anyhoo. I will see if I can .zip it, but as I am on a Mac, it is a different program, and I don't know if you can unzip my zipped file. Otherwise, it's worth the sacrifice... or it better be, since it took two days to convert so it would go onto the new iPod. But now it is a happy file that is compatible with the iPod, so it is already in my iTunes, ready and waiting.

Now, it is 6:30, and I have no freaking clue why I am up other than my cats were hungry and I was curious to see if the thing was done converting. (Yay!) Night.