January 1st, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

I did the unthinkable...

So yeah. Chris and I went and hung out with his friend Stacy and her friend Denise. I thought I would be the bigger person, and meet her. I figured if she was a bitch, I'd have a reason to mention it. She was actually okay. She is too much of a party animal for me, but as a person she is okay. It was weird though, we went in the bar, and had some appetizers and some drinks... shortly thereafter, Stacy and Denise went to the dance floor. Each of them met up with a guy they were either dating (Denise) or had dated and still in love with (Stacy) and we didn't see them again all night until it was time to leave. Chris and I went onto the dance floor and danced for like an hour and a half. My feet are KILLING me. The dance floor was packed. Drunk people everywhere (some chick passed out and the paramedics had to be called) and nowhere to move. Not my scene, but we had a good time. All in all it was a good night. The drive home was tense.... Stacy was crying over loving that guy that she was with tonight (her ex) and fighting Denise (we spent 45 min looking for Stacy so we could leave). Chris and I silently sat in the front seat. Anyhoo... it was fun dancing and stuff. I never do it, so it was fun doing something different. Plus, I got a New Year's kiss... sort of. A friend peck, but its better than nothing right?

Happy New Year!!!!!
SPN - Winchesters.

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Interesting... >:) LOL! Tay... you and me huh? ;)

firefly319's LJ New Year Party (Now At Least 28% Politically Correct!)

Started : 31st December 2005 11:15:47 PM

Ended : 01st January 2006 12:15:51 PM
Alco Money! : $ 465

Guests of Honour

empiregirl is a bummed out Muslim and a bumbling, stumbling, bona-fide drunk. empiregirl drank 5 Irish Creams, 2 Pulques, 2 Vermouths.
aussiebuffy is an erratic Agnostic and is usually the last person standing at the bar. aussiebuffy drank 10 Pernods, 5 Pulques, 1 Cognac.
zillionandnine is an enthusiastic Hindu. zillionandnine drank 6 Ales.
magneticrainbow is a depressed Fundementalist Christian and a constantly polaxed mofo who deliberately wastes police time during natural disasters. magneticrainbow decided to not drink because of their religious beliefs.
crossbow1 is a downhearted Atheist. crossbow1 drank 2 Gins, 14 Everclears.
tommy_g80 is an abhorrent Liberal Christian who finds much folly in hijacking wheelchairs from the crippled. tommy_g80 drank 1 White Wine.
shelly79 is a whimsical Wiccan. shelly79 drank 5 Pernods, 1 Aftershock.
etoile_du_soir is a graceful Buddhist. etoile_du_soir drank 1 Absinthe, 2 Pernods, 16 Brandys.
heyxlush is an enthusiastic Muslim. heyxlush drank 11 Poteens.
angelbaby18 is a pleasant Atheist. angelbaby18 drank 6 Poteens, 2 Stouts, 1 Lager, 5 Champagnes, 1 Sambucca.
princess_bunny is a bitchy Muslim. princess_bunny drank 17 Lagers, 1 Poteen, 1 Poteen.
firefly319 is a dejected Agnostic. firefly319 drank 4 Absinthes, 3 Whiskeys, 5 Kahluas.


Well it must have been a good party! A total of 8 people barfed everywhere including aussiebuffy, zillionandnine, crossbow1, shelly79, etoile_du_soir, heyxlush, angelbaby18, princess_bunny.


A huge fight broke out between magneticrainbow and shelly79 after the former was reportedly sodomised shelly79 with The Bible.

crossbow1 continually teased magneticrainbow throughout the night by repeatedly showing magneticrainbow their ass and suggestively whispering 'Where is your God now eh, Godchild?'


There is a high probability that after last nights ahem....display of affection that firefly319 and zillionandnine will be announcing firefly319's glorious pregnancy pretty soon.

The Drunkest

There was once a rotten oik called crossbow1! And they bathed in gin! Yeah they bathed in gin!

Random Events

firefly319 and shelly79 thought it would be frightfully funny if they released an otter down empiregirl's
underpants. empiregirl now appreciates the dangers of frenzied land mammals.

magneticrainbow was pissed by 06 PM and made an utter twat of themselves.

heyxlush threw darts at the neighbours cat.

Happy New Year!

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