January 12th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

My life...

I have been reading way too quickly. Like, a book a night or two. I need to stop that. I am already up to book 7 in the ABVH series. At this rate, I am going to be done WAY before Micah comes out. Can it be time for DANSE MACABRE please?

Still sick. Not nearly as bad... but I have this hacking cough, and my head is still stuffy. I pretty much have refused to go into work... but hey, my boss told me she would let me know when I had to work again. Then I just have to decide if I WILL work there again. I just want my damn tax forms from her. I like to get them done early.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow with the guy who originally saw me for my shoulder. Not that it will do any damn good. I meet with him for 5 minutes, he asks if there is anything more he can do for me, and then I leave. Fun. At this point, I am going to tell him about the continual shitty feeling in my left arm (it feels like it is... asleep, but it isn't) and tell him that I still need the vicodin to sleep. Not that it helps me sleep mind you, but it keeps me from running through the house screaming at night.

It is amazing, I slept all freaking day. Literally. Like fell asleep at 4 or so last night and slept until around 5 or so tonight... then I took a nap. I have issues. I need to get a job where I can work whenever I want (i.e. at night) and from the house. Life hard. AND to top it off, I sleep all day, and all evening, and then I still am only up until 4 AM or so the next morning, because I feel like a tool staying up all night. That's logic.