January 17th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

Fun fun....

So this weekend is the AFC playoff game. I get to go! Seats from ticket brokers are like $1000-$2000 a piece where I am sitting. Supposedly 15,000 General Admission seats sold out in 5 minutes.

I read that post, Rach, that you liked that song by Matisyahu. I have heard of him, but had never heard anything by him. I downloaded the video from his site of that song you mentioned. I like him. He is going to be here Feb 21 (woo! Rent!) and I think my mom and I, and maybe my brother, are going to go. It's only $25, and he is pretty damn good.

THEN, the week after THAT? BON JOVI BABY! I am so stoked to see them again! I think, of late, Bon Jovi has been my favorite concert. Of course, Paul McCartney and Green Day kicked some serious ass too.

I am so freaking excited about the game on Sunday. I don't have my front row seats (boo!) but I am on the Broncos side this time, 21 rows up. Not bad. I am taking my camera this time (I forgot it last time... thank goodness for my phone). I have a pretty good zoom, so hopefully I get some good pics. Chris is going to "test" the camera out at the game, I want him to buy it so I can get a better one. *grins*

Still sick. Not as bad, but enough for me not to want to work. Fuck it, I never want to work. I need a job I look forward to, I am hoping she will just say, hey, you aren't feeling well, and we dont really need you... no hard feelings? Or something to that effect. I REALLLLLLLY want to work for an airline (flying perks!) but I have submitted some applications and haven't heard back. Poo.
SPN - Winchesters.

Love Monkey

Did anyone see the premiere tonight? It was cute, and OMG, I realized how much I missed Tom Cavanagh!!!!!!!!!!

Also, the kid at the beginning of the show was the kid I mentioned to you, Lauren. Teddy Geiger. It was funny, he came on the screen, and I was like, shit... that's Teddy!

I really missed Tom.