February 7th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.


Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21?! So cool :) (Lord, you were like... 16 when we started talking? Eek.) Hope you have a great one!!!!!!!
SPN - Winchesters.

I hate being a grown up.

So, I decided to wait on the Hot Topic application, and see what happens at Walgreens first. Even though I know I will have much more fun at HT, Walgreens is the better answer financially. They have this profit sharing, where every dollar you put in, is matched by THREE of theirs. I don't know the limitations, or how long you have to work there to withdraw it, but that is way too good to pass up (if I get the job). So, I will find out tomorrow about Walgreens. If they say no, then I will definitely go to HT. *sigh* Being grown up (well, sort of) DOES suck.