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Just call me a Turnip.

February 8th, 2006

01:09 am - Ears hurt :(

I sleep on my side damn it.... my ears are NOT happy. Here's hoping they STOP hurting soon. That, and the migraine that I feel building. Great.

01:37 am - Damn

So, domains can be costly, I know that... but godaddy.com has them for $9 a year. Not too damn bad.

02:21 am - A question for Ms. Lauren :)

Do you like the band We Are Scientists?


Fuck. My ears HURT. They are swollen from laying on them, so now, they are THROBBING. I've cleaned and twisted them like I am supposed to. I don't remember the others hurting this much... it has been 5 years though, so who knows. *cries pitifully* FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Ahem.

12:18 pm - Oh well.

I am taking the earrings out. They are throbbing, red, swollen, and I can NOT risk infection with the spinal cord stimulator in my back. IF I was to get an infection that spread... yeah. I could wait it out... but why endure this self inflicted pain? I have enough pain as it is, without causing myself MORE. I am sad that I have to remove them, but it is silly... the earrings I got are pretty, which makes up for the piercing. I just hope the swelling and stuff goes down soon, and doesn't effect the other earrings. Meep. No sleep because of pain is a good motivator too... FUCK. Why the hate earrings? Why the hate?

01:46 pm - I see Kitto! Ooh, or Holly and Ash...

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