February 9th, 2006

SPN - Winchesters.

So, how was your day?

I had TWO separate migraines today. TWO! That.... sucked. Hard.

Walgreens didn't call today. He mentioned something about Wednesday, but I can't remember if it was a definite "we'll call Wed" or a "the earliest you will hear from us is Wed"... ah well. I am seriously dreading the possibility of getting that job. I guess it wouldn't be too bad, but primarily, I would stock cosmetics and answer questions. Fun? I think tomorrow I will go ahead and take in the Hot Topic application. I don't even know if they are hiring part time right now, but what the hell?

mickfish, I know you watched American Idol last year for Bo... have you watched it at all this season yet? If not, watch for Ace. Well, it is Brett "Ace" Young according to the name thing that pops up when he sings. He has a wonderful voice, and he is so very yummy. I just hope he makes it to the top 12 (?) so that we get more of his yumminess.

Here is a pic, he is on the left

Here is another from his original audition
SPN - Winchesters.

I'm a bitch... oh well.

So, I have been lonely and bored, so I have been playing on dating sites, seeing if there is anyone good out there to talk to. (My uncle met my aunt through an ad, so why not?) I swear, I get the ugliest humans ever. Sorry, I'm bitchy, whatever. I just have to at least have an okay face to... you know look at. One guy, is a model, and I want to lick him. Him, I want. I should post pics.

I dropped off my application at Hot Topic today, but they aren't hiring for anything other than management. Unfortunately, I can only work 20 hrs a week, not the 32 they want due to social security. If I don't have SSDI, then I am screwed, because then I wont have medical coverage. (I love having prior injuries, really) I mentioned to the cute manager goth boy that I have always done management, but I needed part time. He said he would keep the application on file.

Never heard from Walgreens... not sure what is up with that. If I didn't get the $7.25 an hour job, I won't cry. Maybe the don't like the purple hair and tongue ring. Fuck em. I figure, if a job REALLY believes that a tongue ring will effect my performance, I am soooo not working there. Lord, corporate life is so not for me.

I have been catching up on One Tree Hill tonight. Does anyone watch that? I know Tiff did (oh, Tiff... where are you?) Anyways, last week's episode with the thunderstorm. I FREAKING BAWLED like a baby. So good... I am so behind on shows... Lost, The O.C., etc. Oh well.