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Just call me a Turnip.

March 2nd, 2006

12:12 am - Oprah tomorrow...

I guess Heath and Jake are supposed to be on along with a lot of Oscar nominees. :)

12:53 am - ATTENTION Anita Blake fans!!!!!

Thanks to mickfish for pointing this out!!!! LOOK HERE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01:18 am - KAT!

I am going to try to download the soundtrack from Acquisition :) I will let you know if I can't :) You suck for getting me this obsessed. Pfft. *wink*

ETA - Ok, so I downloaded them, but I have a question...in Status Quo, can you not hear the people telling their secrets? Thanks!

10:46 pm - Books!

mickfish! I just finished the first Shopaholic book! I love it... so funny. Jamie, you would love it... come on.... shopping. You too Kat. ;)

I am going to read all 4 of those books, and then I am going to read the 3 Mandy M. Roth vampire books I got. THEN, I am re-reading Merry. Although, at the rate I am reading, and I going to be screwed before DANSE MACABRE comes out... nothing new to read. Hell, I have plenty to read I am sure...

It is weird... no concerts to go to this month. The only thing I am going to is Mamma Mia on the 26th of March. LORD, I LOVE that play!!!! SEE IT! ABBA RULEZ!!! Anyways, I loved it the last time when my grandmother told me to see it, so I want my brother and parents to see it too.
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